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At Línea Directa Asistencia we encourage our employees to participate and make a difference by means of a number of community and environmental programmes.
We achieve this objective through the use of Corporate Volunteer Programmes (Colaboras Project) designed to support disadvantaged groups and collaboration with non-profit organisations with the aim of implementing actions of solidarity (collaboration with the Theodora Foundation and Tobías Association). We also encourage our staff to carry out volunteer work and we take care of our planet in a number of ways such as the employment of responsible resource management measures.
One of the cornerstones of Social Responsibility in Línea Directa Asistencia is our active commitment to helping disadvantaged groups enter the world of work.
In 2010 the Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation presented us with one of its Stela awards, in recognition of our work as a company which promotes the integration of intellectually disabled persons.

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