The inspection service performs three basic functions: to reduce the level of risk by preventing fraud when purchasing insurance, to reduce the accident rate by eliminating any pre-existing damage from the repair process or to produce a report prior to returning or terminating the leasing contract.


  • We carry out inspections throughout Spain thanks to a network of inspectors who will travel to the place required at the time agreed with the customer.
  • Technological innovation, due to the fact that we can obtain the result of the report in real time, because the inspector uses an app on his or her own mobile device.
  • A network of inspection points to which the customer can take the vehicle.
  • The customer has the option of sending us photographs of the vehicle, which are subsequently checked by our experts in the office in less than two hours.


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"Avoid risks by being fully aware of the condition of a vehicle before purchasing it, insuring it or returning or terminating the contract"
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